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Клапана на жилетах-компенсаторах DUI

CPSC, DUI Announce Recall of BCS Overpressure Valves (OPV)

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Diving Unlimited International, Inc. (DUI) of San Diego, California, is recalling approximately 3,500 Buoyancy Control System Overpressure Valves. Molding variations in one component of the overpressure valve (OPV) used in the DUI Buoyancy Control Systems (BCS) could, in rare instances, prevent the OPV from sealing properly and creating a potential drowning hazard.

CPSC and DUI have received no reports of injuries due to this malfunction. While this variation is not present in every OPV, it would be difficult to determine in the field which OPVs are suspect. Therefore we are requiring that all OPVs be updated with new assemblies. The old OPVs are equipped with red pulls. All NEW OPVs are equipped with yellow pulls.

DUI BCSs were sold through Authorized DUI Dealers and Distributors with an MSRP of approximately $598.00.

All DUI BCS sold prior to November 1, 2001 use this OPV. Consumers should stop using these units and contact DUI immediately at 800.325.8439, 619.236.1203, CustomerService@DUI-Online.com, or visit the DUI Website at http://www.DUI-Online.com. DUI will send you a new OPV with installation instructions immediately.