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Powerline Airway Ribbed Hose Replacement

Aqua Lung has received reports that some of the ribbed hoses (Fig. 1) on the Powerline Airway have been tearing at the top near the dual exhaust valve. The problem has been traced to an error in the molding process from our supplier that occurred over a three-month period between 2001 and 2002. The best way to confirm whether or not you have one of the questionable hoses is to look at the serial number on the lower unit of the Powerline (fig. 2). If the serial number falls within the range of M48H to M52H (M48H, M49H...M52H), or M01I to M08I (M01I, M02I...M08I) and is the original hose, then it should get replaced. This affects both SeaQuest and Aqua Lung BCs utilizing the Powerline inflator.

If the ribbed hose were to tear near the top, the BC would not be able to hold air and a loss of buoyancy would occur. This could result in the need for the diver to ditch their weight pockets or rely on their buddy for assistance. In extreme cases it could result in result in panic, injury or death. If you have a spiral hose that falls within the serial number range, please have the hose replaced by this authorized Aqua Lung retailer.

Aqua Lung America, 2340 Cousteau Court, Vista, CA 92081 (760)597-5000 Powerline Airway Ribbed Hose Replacement.