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Регуляторы T1, B1 и Z1 Atomic Aquatics

Atomic Aquatics T1, B1 and Z1 Regulators

Released Thursday, March 15, 2001

Atomic Aquatics Inc., of Huntington Beach, California, has announced a recall of all T1, B1 and Z1 models due to the possibility of a failing first stage spring. It is a voluntary recall announced by Atomic President Dean Garraffa, who added that there have been no reported incidents of in water failure or diver injury.

The fault was detected in three regulators undergoing regular servicing when cracked springs were noticed.

The recall covers about 3,500 T1, B1 and Z1 regulators manufactured between May 11, 1999, and October 27, 1999, with serial numbers # A07751 - A11276.

The serial number can be found under the mouthpiece of the second stage.

Contact Atomic Aquatics Inc. at 1-888-270-8595, see http://www.AtomicAquatics.com/ or call an authorized Atomic Aquatics dealer to arrange factory servicing.