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BCD Sherwood & Genesis

BCDs Recalled By Sherwood & Genesis

Recall notice posted May 16, 2001

A condition has recently been identified that may exist in recently manufactured Sherwood Scuba and Genesis Scuba Buoyancy Compensators (BCDs) that requires immediate attention. The power inflator on certain model BCDs could, in rare instances, provide continuous inflation and expose the diver to potential injury if appropriate measures are not taken to operate the exhaust valve to control ascent.

The condition is caused by a molding variation in a seal within inflator valve, and although this variation is not present in every power inflator, we are requiring that all BCDs manufactured within a limited time period be updated with new power inflator valve assemblies...

If you believe your BCD may be included in the group of affected products, discontinue use for diving immediately and contact your authorized Sherwood or Genesis dealer for a free upgrade or contact our toll-free number for assistance.


Power Inflator Valves within the specified serial number range having either a black or gray colored power inflator button. The updated power inflator valve assembly will have a blue colored button. Buoyancy compensator power inflators with a blue colored power inflator button are not affected by this notice.

Sherwood Scuba BCDs:
Silhouette, Magnum, Avid, Luna, and Freedom models purchased after July 1, 2003 with a serial number between 90010001 and 90350167.

Genesis Scuba BCDs:
Cayman, Cobra, Athena, and Phantom models purchased after July 1, 2003 with a serial number between 90010001 and 90350167.

SERIAL NUMBER LOCATION: See information label on the BCD entitled "Important Notice." Label may be inside or behind the BCD pocket. If you have a Sherwood or Genesis BCD which is affected, please return it into your authorized dealer for a free power inflator valve replacement.

For more information, including where to find serial numbers on affected BCs, visit
http://www.sherwoodscuba.com/bc_safety_recall.html or