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Приборные консоли Dacor

Dacor Supreme P, PC, PD and PDC Consoles

Released July 2001

Dacor has announced the recall of its Supreme diving console unit due to a fault that could lead to failure of the high-pressure flexible hose assembly.

The recall covers four models of the Dacor Supreme console:

  • Supreme P - pressure gauge and hose
  • Supreme PC - pressure gauge, compass and hose
  • Supreme PD - pressure gauge, depth gauge and hose
  • Supreme PDC - pressure gauge, depth gauge, compass and hose

Dacor warns divers not to dive with Supreme consoles until the hoses have been replaced. All Dacor dealers will replace the hoses without charge.

For more details, contact Dacor at Dacor Corporation, Shore Pointe, One Selleck St., Norwalk, CT 06855 USA; phone +1-203-852-7079; fax +1-203-853-2892; or email mailservice@divedacor.com