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Подводные вспышки YS-50, YS-60 и YS-120 Sea&Sea

Sea&Sea: YS-50, YS-60 & YS-120 Underwater Strobes

Released: November 16, 1999

In cooperation with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Sea & Sea Underwater Photography, Inc. of Carlsbad, Calif. is providing replacement battery caps for models YS-50, YS-60 and YS-120 underwater strobes manufactured prior to February 1998 and which were distributed for several months thereafter. Serial numbers of the affected strobes are as follows:

  • YS-50 -- All serial numbers except the YS-50A and the YS-50M
  • YS-60TTL/S (yellow) -- 961280001 to 961283815
  • YS-60TTL/S (black) -- 961270001 to 961271325
  • YS-60TTL/N (orange) -- 961260001 to 961261137
  • YS-60TTL/N (black) -- 961250001 to 961251075
  • YS-120 DUO (orange) -- 94130001 to 94131794
  • YS-120 DUO (yellow) -- 94100001 to 94101516
  • YS-120 DUO (black) -- 94110001 to 94113903

Sea & Sea recently received information of two incidents which resulted from a gas buildup that led to over-pressurization within the strobe housing. The first incident involved a violent separation of the front portion from the rear portion of the strobe when new batteries were installed and the unit activated. The second incident involved the battery cap popping off as it was being unscrewed. Both situations occurred after the unit had been flooded. Consumers should promptly return their strobe to an authorized repair technician for servicing following flooding of the battery compartment as serious injury can occur due to the potential for gas buildup and over-pressurization of the strobe unit.

To resolve this matter, Sea & Sea is distributing, free of charge to owners of the above strobes, replacement battery caps that will vent any internal gas, and which can simply be retrofitted to existing units.

If you own a YS-50, or a YS-60 or YS-120 Sea & Sea Underwater Strobe bearing any of the serial numbers listed above, please contact the Sea & Sea Service Department immediately to obtain a replacement battery cap. If your strobe has been flooded, immediately discontinue use and contact Sea & Sea for instruction regarding repair of the unit. Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself. Sea & Sea Underwater Photography (U.S.A.), Inc. can be reached by mail at 1938 Kellogg Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92008; by telephone at (800) 732-7977 or (760) 929-1909 and by e-mail at service@seaandsea.com. Again, a failure to service the above products after flooding could lead to an over-pressurization of the battery compartment resulting in serious injury.