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Регуляторы Sherwood Maximus

Released May 1, 2002

Sherwood Scuba LLC has recalled about 14,000 Maximus Scuba regulators. The second stage orifices on these regulators can be cracked, bent or broken. This can result in a loss of breathing air underwater.

Sherwood Scuba has received seven reports of broken second stage orifices on these regulators. Two of the regulators broke during dives underwater. No injuries were reported.

The Maximus regulators included in this recall have the following model, serial numbers and connection types:

Model Number Serial Number Range Description
SRB5600 K600001 through K611834 Yoke Connection
SRB5600D2 DK60000 through DK62000 Din-Style Connection
SRB5600CE EK600001 through EK62000 Yoke Connection

The serial numbers are laser marked on the top of the second stage case next to the mouthpiece.

Authorized Sherwood Scuba distributors and dealers nationwide sold these regulators from January 1998 through November 2000 for about $580.

Consumers should stop using the recalled regulators immediately, and contact their nearest authorized Sherwood retailer for a free repair. For more information, call Sherwood Scuba at 1-800-469-9929 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time Monday through Friday, or go to the website at http://www.sherwoodscuba.com.