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Overpressure Valve in OMS Buoyancy Control System Recall

Release issued November 2001

Molding variations in one component of the overpressure valve (OPV) used in the Ocean Management Systems, Inc. (OMS) Buoyancy Control Systems (BCS) could, in rare instances, prevent the OPV from sealing properly creating a potential drowning hazard. While this variation is not present in every OPV, we feel it may be difficult to determine in the field which OPVs are suspect.

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, OMS BCs with the following serial numbers (located on the Warning label) are subject to recall:

  • OM1200000 - OM1200085
  • OM0101000 - OM0101229
  • OM0201000 - OM0201269
  • OM0301000 - OM0301159
  • OM0401085 - OM0401319
  • OM0501110 - OM0501509
  • OM0601125 - OM0601351

Please return the BCS overpressure valve to an authorized dealer for a free replacement OPV. Suspect overpressure valves may have a RED pull. New replacement OPV will have a BLACK pull. Instructions on replacing the OPV Assembly can be found in the FAQ's BC OPV

For more information, call OMS headquarters in Montgomery, NY, at +1-845-457-1617.